The Day After

At some point today, I heard a rather cynical comment about the commercialization of Christmas and the day-after-Christmas let-down   For a few moments, I let that thought draw me into a bit of the Bah Humbugs.  I wondered if we really have lost the meaning and if God would prefer we spent the day being more somber.  Then, I thought about all the festivals and celebrations in scripture.  I remembered that Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding and, even in the final days of His life, He spent intentional time planning and celebrating Passover with His apostles.

I looked around.  The lights still twinkle on our tree.  The smell of ginger bread lingers. Remnants of an incomplete puzzle remain on the coffee table.  The gift wrap strewn across the floor yesterday has been bagged up and moved to the curb.   So much planning and preparation led up to  days of celebrating with family and friends, and we loved every moment. We worshiped and laughed and ate and played and exchanged gifts with one another.   The day after found me cleaning up, and, as I did, I remembered the moment of the joy shared.  I remembered sipping hot cocoa in the Santa mug as I washed it; I thought about the fun time spent separating out all the edges of the 1000-piece puzzle as I gathered the unfinished work.    I could almost hear the giggles over ginger bread cookies as I wiped up crumbs.      I am so thankful for a God who calls us to festivals, feasts, fun, and rest with family as we celebrate the gift and presence of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us.

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