In the middle of a crowd

Even in the middle of a crowd, you can find yourself incredibly lonely–sad and sappy and zapped.  I found myself there this afternoon–right in the middle of a family Thanksgiving.  Several tough moments collided recently–some I created, some I didn’t.  Some things I can put my finger on; some I can’t.

What I have come to realize is that when this  kind of ache-in-the-bone loneliness hits, only one friend can make me feel better.  Ironically, He usually calls me to come to a desolate place, completely alone, so that He can relieve my loneliness.

He often went there Himself when He lived in this world.  In fact, scripture says He frequently withdrew to desolate places to pray.  He led His disciples to desolate places.  And I feel Him calling me there sometimes like today, right in the middle of a big family gathering on Thanksgiving.

After lunch, while it was raining and nasty outside, I found my desolate place in a quiet bedroom and curled up with Him in prayer.  He listened to my heart and soothed the ache a bit, and I rested.




Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash

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